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Thirdline Joins Evaporate

We're delighted to announce that Thirdline has joined the Evaporate family.


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What you need to know

We are combining to create the first and only business transformation consultancy focused on cloud technology and security for the UK’s most successful businesses. We are a new breed of company dedicated to enabling you to get the most from your business technology through the adoption of the cloud.


Harness the power of the cloud for your business, by providing your team within the facility to work from anywhere on any device securely.

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IT Security

Shield your data with industry-leading cybersecurity strategies that will prevent your information from getting into the wrong hands.

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Managed IT Services

Design the perfect infrastructure for your business and then support it with 24/7 monitoring and expert security solutions.

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Empower your staff with a communication platform that gives them a voice that can be heard from anywhere by anyone.

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Free IT Assessment

Providing you with a no-obligation in-depth report covering the information you need to make fully qualified decisions around your IT.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Thirdline and Dissimilar merging? 


In recent years we have made a number of acquisitions which include Thirdline, Dissimilar, Lamb & Crook and Ciren IT. Our aim is to bring all the qualities for each of the organisations together to create the first and only business transformation consultancy focused on cloud technology and security to UK businesses.



How will this merger affect customers? 


This powerful combination of Thirdline, Dissimilar, Lamb & Crook and Ciren IT will deliver unprecedented innovation and unmatched levels of value and service to our customers.



How will this impact existing and future offerings? 


Over the next coming months we will be migrating all our customers from each of the different firms to our new product and service offerings to further enhance the service they currently receive.



Under what name will the combined company operate? 


All organisations will operate under the brand of Evaporate.



Why the name Evaporate?


Evaporate is the process of transitioning liquid to vapour, we chose Evaporate as our brand due to our focus being on assisting businesses’ on migrating their IT infrastructures to the cloud to enable them to reap the benefits of what cloud technologies have to offer. Our industry leading experts transform businesses through the integration of technology.



How does this affect access to support? 


Our current support channels remain open and staffed by the same service team however our Customer Success Manager’s will be in touch shortly to introduce the required changes.



How does this affect Service Level Agreements?


New Service Level Agreements will be enforced which are an improvement on current SLA’s and will be communicated by the Customer Success team.



How does this affect current contractual agreements? 


These contracts will remain unchanged.





Please contact your Customer Success Manager or email/call csm@evaporate.tech or 01793 689188.