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Help to develop and establish the future of your IT


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Engineering A Brighter Future

In an increasingly competitive world it is critical that your IT infrastructure supports your business – not just today but as it develops in the future.

At Evaporate, we have a team of experts that can help you create a successful and powerful IT strategy that will ensure your business, no matter what size or sector, flourishes by harnessing the latest in technology and software.


Our knowledge of hardware and software, telephony, cloud services, security, connectivity and much more allows us to create an end-to-end IT strategy for your business.

Multi-Sector Expertise

Our talented team of people can draw on a wealth of experience gained across numerous sectors.


We conduct regular review sessions with all our clients to ensure their IT strategy is the very best it can be today, tomorrow and every day after.

Technology Agnostic

Our independence means we are free to recommend the best solution for your particular business – no matter who provides it.

How We Work

Our Racetrack sessions have been developed to ensure we are in tandem with our clients and helps us to become a true partner rather than a supplier. It enables our team to get a better understanding of what the client wants to do now and tailor make this for the future.

Infrastructure Analysis

We analyse your infrastructure with a fresh pair of expert eyes enabling us to spot any anomalies or faults which may have been missed by the regular support team.

Service Reviews

On a regular basis we will sit down with you, as a client, to review the service levels you are receiving and give you the opportunity to raise any questions, concerns or feedback you may have.

Clear Budgeting

As part of the Racetrack a budget is produced which will forecast when equipment is to be replaced as well as any other technology expenses, making it easier for clients to track costs.

Industry Research

Our Client Development Managers are continually researching the client’s industry which enables them to recommend new solutions or software that could help improve the client’s business processes and practices.

Future Plans

We always encourage our clients to share with us their future business plans and ideas.  This allows our Client Development Manager to ensure that the client’s infrastructure remains fit for purpose and their aspirations are never restricted by their technology.

Positive Outcomes

Our approach encourages open, collaborative relationships with our clients and is proven to deliver positive outcomes.  Our clients are comfortable sharing sometimes personal and confidential information and feel we are truly invested in their success.