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Managed WiFi

Secure, end-to-end wireless solution



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WiFi networks without the strain

WiFi in the workplace or in customer facing businesses has become the norm in today’s connected world. In fact, if you don’t have WiFi, some customers may simply choose to go elsewhere. We are experts in providing secure and reliable WiFi solutions whatever your business.

Multiple networks

Easily separate and identify your corporate, staff and guest access to the internet, applying different policies whilst prioritising your corporate traffic.

Complete coverage

We perform an extensive wireless survey at your premises to determine the precise coverage and number of access points you’ll need to ensure a reliable wireless service throughout your buildings.

Secure & compliant

Should anyone attempt to use your network for illegal means you may be required by the authorities to provide data, so we collect and store this data securely as part of the service to ensure you are compliant.

Ongoing management

Benefit from ongoing updates and feature enhancements ensuring that your connections are always on the leading edge of security requirements to prevent potential breaches.

Guest WiFi

We can configure a guest WiFi network for you to allow your guests access to the internet via a captive portal without giving access to your corporate network.

Grow your social profiles automatically

Increase your social media followers by adding another step to your WiFi login that ask your customers to follow you on Twitter or Facebook every time they connect.

Customise your WiFi to reinforce your brand

Quickly customise your WiFi so it reflects and reinforces your brand – you’ll not only look professional but also drive traffic straight to your website upon a successful connection.

Take control of your WiFi

Protect your network from strain and prevent loitering customers from taking up seats for too long by setting limits to how long people can use your WiFi network – from one hour to totally unlimited.

Provide internet as a service

If you’d prefer guests to pay for access to the WiFi we can set up all the systems you need to charge for access simply, easily and most importantly securely.