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Single Sign-On

Increased security. Improved user experience\r\n


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Make multiple passwords a thing of the past

Secure your company data whilst improving your staff’s user experience by enabling them to have just one username and password to access all the devices and applications needed to do their job.

Single sign-on

One-click access to your cloud, mobile and on-premises apps. No more forgotten passwords, no more user confusion.

Restrict access

Quickly and easily close down access to every app and user account when an employee leaves with one single action.

Flexible MFA

Using Multi-Factor Authentication, use SMS, email, voice or secure One Time Passwords (OTP) to add an extra layer of protection without adding extra hassle for your users.

Reduced risk

Traditional VPNs provide full network access, which opens up a big security risk. With an App Gateway, only specific apps are made available.

Benefits of SSO

The advantages of ‘single sign-on’ can’t be understated for any business. With increased data security and improved user experience to name just two, isn’t it something you should be considering for your business?


Simplify app access with single sign-on for employees, business partners and customers


Get one-click access to all apps, without the integration hassles

Better password protocols

Improve security by eliminating the use of easy-to-remember, reused and/or improperly stored passwords

Extra layer of security

Secure app access with adaptive MFA based on the type of device and where it’s being used

Fewer support calls

Reduce helpdesk volume from forgotten passwords and device enrolment with user self-service

Shared identities

Simplify sign-on for external users by allowing them to use identities and passwords from other trusted services such as Salesforce or Google.