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Hosted Desktop

Access your desktop, your content and your applications from any device


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It’s your favourite desktop on every device you use

With our cloud based, hosted desktop service you can access your desktop from any browser and any workstation. This means you’ll get your very own desktop environment with all the software, applications and data wherever you are.

Anywhere Anytime

With our hosted desktop service, you can access your desktop wherever you are, on whatever device you choose and be guaranteed a consistent user experience every time.


Because all the data and apps you’re using live at the data centre and not on your device if it’s lost or stolen there’s no data on the device to lose, complete peace of mind!

Truly scalable

With a hosted desktop, you’re billed on a per user basis which means that you’ll be able to scale your solution, both up and down, quickly and easily to ensure it always meets your business’s needs.

Unified experience

Adopting a hosted desktop approach across your business allows you to manage a consistent user experience quickly, easily and reduces the stress that inconsistency brings.

Hosted Desktop provides an array of benefits

Our hosted desktop solution frees businesses from the hassle of IT management. Simply connect to our cloud platform to access your state of the art, optimised Windows Desktop.

Zero capital outlay

With no need to buy new PCs, servers or software licence upgrades, you are not continually investing in depreciating assets but can use this money for more strategic investments.

Backup as standard

Our multiple UK data centres operate a fail-safe backup system. In the unlikely event of a data centre failure, you can be sure that your data is safeguarded and there is minimal interruption to your business.

‘Greener’ solution

Cloud solutions reduce energy use and carbon emissions by more than 90 per cent for SME’s. Energy savings stem from having fewer machines, equipment efficiency and in house servers.

Lower IT operating costs

Less time is spent on managing and maintaining your IT system and you only pay for what you use.

Easier budgeting

Simple per user per month charge, making ongoing costs predictable.

Improved business continuity

Minimal reliance on local hardware, should a desktop fail you simply just login from an alternate desktop with no loss to your current work.