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Thirdline and Dissimilar in Synergy

Posted 19th July 2018

With the continuous change in the technology landscape and the continuous focus on cloud technologies, Thirdline (an award winning Managed Service Provider) and Dissimilar (an innovative digital agency) have joined forces to create a new company — Evaporate. Evaporate is an innovative and customer service focused company with the clear mission of getting all small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s) to the cloud.

Thirdline and Dissimilar, know the only way they can offer clients a better service than other IT companies is by employing better people who have a high level of technical knowledge, excellent communication skills and, crucially, people who love what they do and so this idea brought about a synergy of both companies, in order to help clients achieve their IT goals and take them up to
‘cloud 9’.

Evaporate is to receive further investment to support its exciting expansion plans as well as continued development of its technology platform by providing the necessary support to SME’s in the planning and transition phase to the cloud as well as ongoing assistance and advice to ensure they remain secure as well as get the most from whatever developing technology landscape has to offer. Evaporate is to form part of the enviz Group and will closely follow the group’s ethos (engage, enhance, enjoy) to engage into areas where customer service and innovation is lacking to then change for both their customers and team to then enjoy.

“We understand that making the leap to the clouds can be complicated, expensive and daunting especially with the on going security scares, so we wanted to do something about it by creating something different. We took the expertise of Thirdline, innovation of Dissimilar and our passion for customer service and created Evaporate. We securely transition your business to the cloud and support you ongoing with a passionate team of industry leading experts for an affordable monthly fee. Our values are to provide transparency, whilst delivering simple to understand solutions that are flexible to our clients requirements. They must be supported around the clock by our passionate team of industry leading experts using our state of the art technologies.” Jack Peploe, Managing Director, of Evaporate said, while explaining what the company’s team will do.

To learn more about Evaporate, and to employ the company’s IT services, please visit Evaporate’s website or call 0800-082-2420.


About Evaporate

Evaporate is a rapidly growing technology company focusing on all things cloud and security. The company was born out of the need for great people to provide great solutions and great service to great clients. This belief has set Evaporate apart in a very predictable and uncreative industry, coupled with the belief to constantly challenge the way in which services are provided to clients and to ensure the company’s team always provides the best cloud solutions to help clients grow.

Whilst Evaporate will embrace innovation and drive efficiency through the adoption of AI (artificial intelligence), the company will not lose sight that one of the greatest assets to its team of cross platform experts who are focused on providing exceptional customer service, is keeping things simple – designing out complexity. At Evaporate, everything will revolve around the cloud. All
solutions are fully managed, flexible, scalable, reliable but most importantly secure — these range from innovative IT security solutions and managed IT services to hosted voice solutions. And whether the company is taking on a new client or one they’ve known for some time the way the team works together will not differ.